Zion Island 32.

United States National Archives.

RG 457.2: Records of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, 1917-1993. 


US Army, Signals Intelligence Service. 

Germany.                                                        Ref.  No.: XXXXXXXXX


                                                                        Copy No.: 221

From: Theresienstadt. 

To: Berlin. 

Date: 28 June 1950. 

Headquarters Sipo-SD, for the attention of SS Brigadefuhrer KALTENBRUNNER, BERLIN. 

State secret! 

Request for information. 

            Please send all available information on:

            Wolfgang GRAF VON BLUCHER, Colonel of Fallschirmjager.

            Helmut ARPKE, Sergent, Fallschirmjager. 

            The two men arrived Theresienstadt by plane today. 

Wearing civilian clothes, but carrying proper military identification. 

            Refused to declare to Arrival Authorities the purpose of their visit. 

Met by official car, driven to Headquarters of the Governor, and then to a private villa. 

            Can you determine their mission? 

            Heil Hitler! 

Commander of Sipo-SD Lange, Theresienstadt, Madagascar, Standartenfuhrer.  

State secret! 

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