My name is John Hill.  I teach Military History at Immaculata University.  My teaching covers the American Revolutionary War, the First World War, the Holocaust and other genocides, the Wars of the Middle East, and War Movies.  My own research focuses on aspects of the Second World War.  My colleagues teach the American Civil War, the Second World War, the story of the great World Conquerors (Alexander of Macedon, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler), Land Wars in Asia, and War and Literature. As time passes we hope to put our courses on-line for anyone who may be interested.

This blog records my thoughts on and interest in the many faces of war.   Some of them are about the origins and consequences of war.  Some them are about the use of military force at the tactical, operational, or strategic levels.  Some of them are about the use of violence outside the borders of what we usually call war.  Some of them are about attempts to convey the nature of war to those who have never been to war.  In all my posts I hope to cut through myth, and illusion, and idealism, and “uplift.”

And No, I have never been a soldier.  I do not regret that.  Nor am I proud of it.  I am aware of some of the limitations that places on the value of my observations.  I am blind to other limitations.

John S. Hill

I receive e-mail at jhill@immaculata.edu

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