Zion Island 27.

Garrett Mattingly Papers; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, 6th Floor, Butler Library, Columbia University, 535 West 114th Street, New York, New York.

Box #5.

Professor Garret Mattingly

Department of History

Fayerweather Hall, Columbia University

New York, NY USA

Dear Professor Mattingly,

      Coincidentally, October 2015 will mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of Germany’s victory in the Second World War. 

      In light of this anniversary, the Editorial Board of the Encyclopedia Germanica wishes to formally commission an article by you on the history of postwar Europe.  (The board is particularly impressed by your previous works, Sea Lion and Reformation Diplomacy.)  If you accept this commission, please be sure to deal with the following topics. 

                  European political and economic integration under German auspices. 

                  The social welfare, educational, and immigration policies of “Europe.” 

                  Relations between “Europe” and the former Soviet Union, the English-speaking world (Britain, the Commonwealth and Empire, the Free Trade Area of the Americas), the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, and the national homeland for the Jewish people on Madagascar. 

                  The fate of the colonial empires. 

                  The impact of generational change in the mid-Sixties and the early 21st Century. 

                  Please append a brief bibliography of, say, five key books for understanding Nazi Europe. 

      We are in a position to pay an honorarium of DM 5,000.  Alas the currency policies of Europe do not allow the exchange of these funds for dollars.  However, you would be free to spend the money within Europe or even in one of the Klub Med resorts overseas. 

                                                      Sincerely yours, G. Grass, Assistant Editor. 

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