Zion Island 25.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Papers of John F. Kennedy.  Pre-Presidential Files.  House of Representatives Files. 

Series 01.1. Boston Office General Correspondence, 1947-1952.  Box 0002.  Folder: “Cape Cod: South Wellfleet: Extension of Gunnery Area.”  [NB: Evidently misfiled.] 

Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

J. Edgar Hoover, “Personal Files.” 

October 3, 1951. 

Dear Roy,

            I had a marvelous time!  Where do you find them? 

            Talked it over with Bobby.  He’s very enthusiastic.  Trying to get rid of the perverts matches well with the anti-Commie thing that you and the Senator have been working.  I’ve got my own list already, starting with Offie[1] and that snotty writer who’s tangled up—somehow—in the whole Bouvier-Auchincloss mess.[2] 

            Just between you and me, I get the feeling that the Birdman[3] feels the same way about this.  I’ll probably get a lot of backing on this from Hoover as well.  He’s ferocious on the subject.  I tried calling him today, but Gandy[4] said he was out of the office. 

Also, it gives me something distinct of my own to run on.  I won’t be just feeding off the Senator’s work.  Which reminds me.  Have you read Agar’s new book The Price of Union?[5]  Wonderful!  It set me to thinking about those brave men who have defied their party and the whole political system to follow their conscience.  Maybe I’ll write something on that theme.  If I do, count on the Senator being included. 

Best regards, Jack.

[1] Carmel Offie (b. 1909): Department of State, 1931-1948; Central Intelligence Agency, 1948-1950. 

[2] Possibly Gore Vidal (b. 1925). 

[3] Reference unclear. 

[4] Helen Gandy (b. 1897), F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover’s personal secretary. 

[5] Herbert Agar, The Price of Freedom: The Influence of the American Temper on the Course of History (1950). 

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