I am running for President in 2020–2.

I’m content to wait on the Meuller Report and on the report of the DoJ’s Inspector General, before deciding whether Donald Trump should be impeached.

I have no doubt that Trump is not fit to be President of the United States.  However, he got elected president.  I haven’t seen any evidence yet that the Russian meddling tipped the balance.  Also, Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t fit to be president.  It’s just that she was less unfit than Trump.  Hence my vote in 2016.

George W. Bush wasn’t fit to be president.  Bill Clinton wasn’t fit to be president.  Nor were John F. Kennedy or Jimmy Carter.  Or Ronald Reagan.  Or Barack Obama.  For that matter, neither was FDR, or Harry Truman, or Jerry Ford.  But the last group grew into the job.  Leaves us with Eisenhower, Nixon, and George H. W. Bush.  Three Republican presidents.  Unless you regard Bill Clinton as “one of the lesser Republican presidents, ” as–I think–Mark Shields described him.   I am certainly not fit to be president.  Nevertheless, I want your vote.

That said on the “character” and ethics issues, here are some more of my positions.

First, according to the NYT, two thirds of the revenue lost to the Federal government by the Bush II-Obama tax cuts came from people making less than $250K a year.  We need to recoup these earnings if we are going to tackle the budget deficit and national debt.  For that matter, how can people–including me–be real citizens if we just tell politicians what benefits we want and then tell them to bill somebody else?

Second, the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) extended medical insurance to about–I think–16 million Americans.  However, the larger problem–the high cost of American medicine relative to the low quality of outcomes–remained unaddressed.  Here’s the thing.  American doctors make about fifty percent more than do Western European or Japanese doctors with comparable skills.  The first step toward making health care affordable for most Americans must be to reduce the bloated incomes of physicians.  This will mean locking horns with the Americn=an Medical Association.  YIKES!


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